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Productivity Reset - The Art Of Taking Breaks

Mindful Productivity
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I want to start off with a simple quote from a Spanish painter and one of the most influential artists of all time.
Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.
~ Pablo Picasso
The quote encompasses that sometimes asking good questions is more important than receiving answers. Finding out the why can unlock more possibilities and sift your current thinking.
When reading books I learn about so many different things, but I often end up with even more questions. Discovering some of those hard facing questions can help us improve our live.
Sometimes the best way to be more productive is to take a break and ask yourself some of those hard questions.
What Is A Reset?
When your computer starts acting up, you do a simple restart. Unlike computers, we don’t have that option.
I use the word reset to assert the importance of this action. Reset is a more mindful and active break. It can be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
Why Should You Take A Break?
Taking an active rest can help you be more productive in the long run.
In this study, a group of researchers studied the effects of sleep and breaks on workers’ productivity. Multilevel regression analyses showed that sleep quality and short breaks were beneficial for employees’ daily work engagement.
Doing active resets can help you clarify your goals. Finding your why can help you stay focused on the important things.
There’s a great New York Times Opinion video on this topic called Here’s Why You Should Quit.
If you’re in for the long run, taking breaks is necessary.
How To Reset?
Taking daily breaks can be as simple as making yourself a cup of coffee, doing a quick stretch, or going on a short walk.
All of the activities mentioned above can help you unplug from your current task and give you the mental break you need.
Questions like What Is Current Task Trying To Achieve? or Why am I doing this task? can help you determine your daily goal and re-calibrate your tasks.
Taking a break isn’t only about focusing on your work. You should take time to relax and recharge.
I take smaller breaks during my work. At the end of a workday, I like to do a work-related reset. My work reset includes cleaning my desk and writing my daily report. I also check my tasks and set new tasks for the upcoming workday.
I usually do my main daily reset at the end of the day. I do a quick stretch and a 5-minute meditation session. This helps me clear my mind and relax for a moment. After meditation, I do some daily journaling.
You can also do monthly, quarterly, or yearly resets. These are more long-term-oriented resets to help you better navigate your life. I would recommend checking out Rowena Tsai’s YouTube video about resetting your productivity for the long run.
Computer Shortcuts To Help You Take A Break
Here’s are a few useful shortcuts to help you take a break faster on your computer.
Close a browser tab:
Windows: CTRL + w
Mac: ⌘ + w
Quit a program:
Windows: Alt + F4
Mac: ⌘ + q
Apps To Help You Reset
Sometimes taking a break from screens can be a great way to reset.
For daily resets, I use a meditation app called Headspace. Headspace is not a free service, but you can find some great guided meditations on YouTube as well.
Notion can be a great tool for monthly or yearly resets.
I asked Easlo, a Notion Ambassador, about his Notion use cases.
Notion is a great tool for many, and that includes myself. I personally love using Notion for project management. The different database views and properties available really makes Notion a powerful productivity tool.
Ealso, thank you for taking the time and coming to Mindful Productivity Newsletter.
Coming Up Next Sunday - Start With Yoga
Next Sunday I’m going to write about Yoga. I’m sure you heard of it, but you might not know just how fun it is.
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